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About Me

As a 5th generation native of Door County with a rich family history of commercial fishing the waters, it comes as no surprise that Captain JJ Malvitz developed a passion for the water. He has worked in the industry since the age of 14 and then became a licensed Captain by the time he was 18. When not fishing in Door County, JJ can be found chasing roosters and ducks in the marshes and sloughs of South Dakota with his black lab Ruger. Additionally he works to promote the sport of ice fishing across the midwest through trade shows and national sponsorship through RAPALA.  He is dedicated to putting his clients on the hottest bites all while having a safe and enjoyable time on the ice!

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All Guide Trips Will Feature Gear From These Industry Leading Partners 
The leader in the ice fishing world ICE FORCE is a collection of brands that provide the highest quality ice fishing experience.  
The industry leader in ice fishing electronics, Marcum has developed the most innovating and revolutionary electronics for the modern day ice angler. We are proud to feature these products on our guide trips. We currently have 12 LX-7 digital sonar systems. 
When reliability are dependability are required Strike Master delivers. With 10,000 thousands of holes drilled into the frozen Tundra of Green Bay, our Strike Master ice drills have never disappointed. We Run six Honda Lites and 5 Lazer Pros
When mobility is key Otter offers the modern ice angler durability and comfort in one ice house. We utilize our Otter portable fish houses when we need to "run and gun" for fish. We run an entire range of otter products from six Otter Cottages to the rugged Rod Caddy. 
All ice rods are not created equal. When you get that one bite of a life time, you need a rod that can get that trophy through the hole. Tuned Up Custom Rods offers the ice angler precision craftsman ship in every rod they produce. All our clients fish with Tuned Up Custom Rods, because sensitive and durability are no comprise for fish of a lifetime! 
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