JJs Guide Service LLC
3040 Stevenson Pier Rd
Sturgeon Bay WI, 5423
Professional Ice Fishing Guide Service 
with Captain JJ Malvitz 


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The Ultimate Ice Fishing Experience.... 

Fish the iconic Door County Peninsula with local professional ice guide JJ Malvitz. Every detail of your adventure has been meticulously planned out to ensure a high quality ice fishing experience.  The relentless pursuit to prefect every detail of your ice fishing experience is evident in the gear that we use. We pride ourselves in using the finest high quality gear, Polaris Ranger utility vehicles, Tuned Up Custom Ice Rods, and Strikemaster Ice drills to name a few. These small details add up to provide the highest quality and most customer focused ice fishing experience on Green Bay. I personally look forward to hosting  your next ice fishing trip. 

Sincerely,  Captain JJ Malvitz

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